The EuroCAT infrastructure is funded by Interreg and offers access to patient data through a high speed IT network between hospitals located in Eindhoven, Aachen, Liège, Genk-Hasselt and Maastricht. The following outlines the potential advantages to your company:

  1. Before you invest in the start of a trial you can, in an automated way, identify the number of patients that would fulfil the inclusion criteria of your trial
  2. With one entrance you have access to 5 centres in 3 different countries which dramatically decreases your administrative costs.
  3. We have an automated data mining system which identifies the patients that could be included in a trial. This will boost your inclusion percentage.
  4. The electronic CRF can be designed according to your requirements and are automatically populated from the electronic medical file. This ultimately decreases the costs of data managers, decreases the risk of errors and increases the number of variables you can acquire for each patient.